Romantic Paris in February 2009

We have to delay our flight for 2 weeks and cancel first hotel reservation too. But it was worth of it. Second flight reservation was successfull and I didn’t like the idea go back to Czech republic after 3 beautiful days in Paris. So let me remember all nice places and show some nice pictures taken there in different weather each day.

Transport from airport Paris Orly Sud

There is easy and cheap way to get from airport Orly Sud to the center of Paris. You take orlybus for 6 € and take off at Denfert-Rocheau after 30 minutes. Then you can change on metro underground line and get to the hotel. On direct line you can find some interesting place to stay near Eiffel Tower. For intensive travelling in the Paris you can buy daily ticket mobilis or at least buy 10 pack tickets called carnet.

Accomodation near Eiffel Tower

Nice comfortable accomodation and even near Eiffel Tower by foot you can find in Hotel du Petit Louvre. At reception you’ll find english speaking friendly receptionist. There wasn’t any problem with communication and even when you ask a favour to let baggage there for the rest of the last day. I was worried that in February there will be cold in our room, but with electric heating you can heat how much you want and be independently on central heating.

From Denfert-Rocheau you can get directly to the Hotel du Petit Louvre by M6 line and Dupleix station. Around hotel you can find few banks with cash dispensers, restaurants and cafee bars. Few minutes from hotel you can find Italian Restaurant PastaPaPa and some supermarkets too even one specially only with organic food. 

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Eiffel Tower itself

Few minutes from hotel with right direction and there it was – Eiffel Tower in their beauty but with its head in the “sky”. 300 meters high and 7300 tons of steel. Every 7 years get more than 50 tons of paintings. Nice to feel the height of the tower, but nothing to visit yet. We’ll wait for better weather conditions. We didn’t bought any souvenir and continue to Trocadero and Liberty statue.

Liberty statue in Paris

As a gift from year 1855 there is small version of Statue Liberty in USA. It was model for the bigger one and it’s placed with face directly to the West and looking at her bigger sister in New York. If you go there by foot, you can walk near Maison de Radio France – circle building.

Notre Dame

Inside Notre-Dame cathedral

Basic entrance for free, you have to pay only to the tower or if you want to visits treasure chamber. Mysterious atmosphere and silence even there was hunderts people all around. Worth of hour to stay there and let the old times come and impress your feelings.

La Defénse

La Defénse

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

Museum Louvre

Museum Louvre and pyramid

At the end of the weekend I didn’t want to go back to Czech Republic. It was the first time I love the trip and city so much and we have to go back there this year once more at least. So don’t wait, find free spot in Hotel du Petit Louvre and book room for few days.

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