Summer Paris 2009

Château de Versailles - Golden Gate
There is lot of interesting places in Paris, we have to come back and see at least the most interesting of them. We’ve stayed a bit longer and enjoy better weather than first time in February. Versailles, Luxembourg garden, Les Invalides, Pantheon, Sainte Chapelle and much more.

Château de Versailles

Château de Versailles
You can’t miss relaxing atmosphere in Versailles parks. If you like art and history, you can visit Versailles Castle itself. You’ll get phones and some box and can walk through all castle alone at your own speed. Look around and imagine all scenes from past.

Tip: If you’re from EU and below 26 years you can go inside for free.

Les Invalides

Les Invalides
The church at the Invalides you can see far from away. Big golden roof over majestic church and war museum inside. Building was initiated by Louis XIV on 1670 – it was hospital for aged and uwell soldiers. The architect of Les Invalides was Libéral Bruant.

Sainte Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle
Few more steps from Notre Dame. You have to pass stráct security check and you’re free to entrance St. Chapelle. Young people (below 26) from EU have free entrace again other have to pay around 8 €. Two levels from chapelle are worth to see. There isn’t enought light to take pictures, but magic windows get you into right romantic mood.


Inside Pantheon
In the Latin Quarter in Paris you’ll find The Panthéon. It was originally built as a church, but after manz changes its role is famous burial place. You can go inside for some few euros, but every hour you can go up on the tower. It’s worth of waiting even half an hour as we did. You will go all around closed places, you will be between these big columns on the tower and you will see beautiful scenery of Notre Dame or Eiffel tower panorama.

Luxembourgh garden

Senate of France - Luxembourg Gardens
After hours on your feet you can rest a bit in Luxembourgh gardens. It’s few steps from Panthéon or Sorbona University. You can borrow one from many iron chairs, sit down and get some rest or sun shine. Many of local people go there for weekends or even in work days and have fun here. You can rent a boat and run it in big fountain in the park.

Paris science museum

Science museum Paris
After few demanding days in Paris you can rest in other places in Paris. Other of them is Paris science museum. There is very interesting landscape. You can visit a real submarine, go inside big sphere covered with mirrors or only lay down on the lawn and observe playing children around. And don’t forget entry Science museum.


Museum Louvre inside pyramid
Every art lover have to visit Louvre – treasury of pictures, statues and other historical items. If you’ll go there on first sunday of the month, you can get there completely for free. There will be a bit more people, but after opening you go without any waiting direct in. Mostly your steps will be kept directly to painting of Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa

Museum Louvre Mona Lisa
Don’t be surprised. Mona Lisa picture is inside a big room – in the center on the wall. But it’s a bit smaller you can imagine. There is some line you can’t cross and painting itself is behind thick glass. It’s for security reason, but it degrades your feelings a bit. But don’t be mad, you can see other interesting things and places in Louvre all around.

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