Valentine’s Day in Paris

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Last year was huge marketing campaign at lowcost airlines SkyEurope. They offerd one flight per 1 €. After few days of unavailable server I’ve bought 2 tickets to Paris on Valentine’s weekend. It was very nice suprise for my girlfriend and I was lucky to get exactly this weekend for marketing price.

Each weekend I was waiting for this flight to Paris and some romantic mood in most romantic city in Europe or even in World. But 3 weeks before departure I’ve got an email from SkyEurope. Regular route to Paris was canceled and I could change my flight to another time or get my 4 € back.

So I’ve delayed this trip for 2 weeks and now it’s one night before departure. I don’t know if I will be able sleep some time or I won’t fall asleep. I hope according last weather forecast it will be nice first visit for my girlfriend that we’ll remember.

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