Looking for London weekend

I have few other hot offers from Sky Europe from last year. There ware some changes in flight tables, but it look like Sky Europe still live. Even they get back some own flights taken from them at the beginning of this year. Ryanair is joking – having “Bye bye Sky Europe” on own flights.

For three day weekend I have some tips to see. I have no clue about weather if it will rain all the time or not. But I hope we’ll see some sun rays at least for few hours a day.

Few London Tips

To plan this weekend I’ve tried to use new StartUp webapp NextStop. It was made from few ex-googlers and looks pretty useful. It needs few more users and more data, but even now it’s quite useful.

Top London sightseeing places | nextstop.com

Have you some tips what to see or where to have a launch or dinner in London? Post your comments.

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