Variable weekend in London

Tower Bridge in London I’ve found some tips on NextStop server for our three days in London. SkyEurope without problems took us to airport London/Luton and after one hour in GreenLine bus later we’ve been at Victoria place. It was smart to reserve accomodation near Victoria place.

We’ve stayed in Lidos Hotel in Belgrave Road. It is 10 minutes by foot to get to the hotel or you can use bus line number 24. It’s very usefull bus, because it’s going directly to the hotel’s door. On the opposite direction you will see all interesting places in London.

London Phone Booths

You’ll go around Wesminster Cathedral, Wesminster Abbey, Parliament, Trafalgar Square then to the Oxfort Street, where you can explore all shops in one street. Bus line 24 goes nonstop every 24 hours, so there isn’t problem to go out in the middle of the night and walk around Parliament, see London in night and panorama with London Eye.

Tower and Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge in London

If you’re first at London you have to see Tower and Tower Bridge. It’s easy to get there by underground or by bus. You can get there even fish and chips and if you’re lucky you can see how does the bridge open for some boat.

Parliament and Big Ben

Big Ben and Parliament

Panorama of Parliament and Big Ben you can see from the other side of the Themes. You can enjoy beautiful view on the walk to the London Eye or even in the night. There are often few people running around especialy in the morning.

London Eye

Look from London Eye

If it is sunny or rainy you can visit one of the London attractions – London Eye. Don’t think you can take photos if it’s rainy day. Water drops all around glass make it very difficult.

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